Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Comfort The Afflicted

David Gregory to moderate 'Meet the Press'
NBC Chief White House correspondent to replace the late Tim Russert
David Gregory has been named moderator of NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” effective immediately. In addition, Betsy Fischer, the program's longtime executive producer has extended her tenure with the top-rated broadcast. The announcements were made today by Steve Capus, President of NBC News.

“For 61 years, this program has played a vital role in our nation’s political discourse and millions of Americans’ Sunday mornings,” said Capus. “We lost a legend this summer, and today we hand the program over to someone who has a true appreciation and respect for the ‘Meet the Press’ legacy, and a keen sense of what it needs to be in the future. David and Betsy are first-rate and I’m thrilled to have them in their roles at a key time in the program’s, and the country’s, history. I'd also like to thank Tom Brokaw, whose tremendous dedication has helped to lead ‘Meet the Press’ through this critical transition and extraordinary election season. He did so out of honor and respect for our friend Tim Russert, and we'll always be grateful.”

“I’m honored and deeply humbled as I take on this role,” said Gregory. “I’m filled with a great sense of purpose as I join a superb team to cover Washington and the world from a treasured platform in our country. Above all, I want to make Tim proud.”
Who cares?

Not for nothing, but I’ve haven’t watched TV news for quite a long time. Over in Europe, at least people are honest and perceptive enough to define their talking heads as “news readers“. I get my news either online or from newspapers and magazines. The pseudo-news broadcast on television is biased, dumbed down, conservative, patronizing, and dishonest, so I won’t waste my time watching nonsense. It's a vast wasteland where a celebrity's divorce carries as much weight as the tragedy of Katrina.

David Gregory is just another tool owned by his corporate overlords, so what difference does it make? They traded their consciences for a paycheck a long time ago. The late Tim Russert might have been a nice guy, but whenever he interviewed figures from the Bush administration, Russert sounded like more like a fan than a news reporter. When the treacherous Robert Novak betrayed CIA agent Valerie Plame, Novak was just doing what Karl Rove told him to do.

If you ask me, Jon Stewart would be a better choice to host "Meet The Press" than Gregory because at least Stewart knows he's an entertainer, and the fake news he'd be reading would be funnier and closer to the truth. Other than Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, real journalists who know bullshit when they see it and aren't afraid to say so, all the rest of them are liars.

Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, was an Elizabethan courtier, playwright, and poet who wrote a classic poem that has as much relevance now as it did then:
Whereby as you have been profited in the translating, so many may reap knowledge by the reading of the same, that shall comfort the afflicted, confirm the doubtful, encourage the coward, and lift up the base-minded man, to achieve to any true sum or grade of virtue, whereto ought only the noble thoughts of men to be inclined.
TV newsmen no longer do their jobs and "comfort the afflicted". Instead, they read propaganda that purposely misinforms the public, and these untruths often have terrible consequences. I haven’t forgot their complicity in the Iraq war, after all, or their role in legitimizing the horrors of the Bush regime. If they’re not going to be indicted for war crimes, than they should be exiled on a desert island in the middle of nowhere where they can tell their lies to each other.

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Christopher said...

David Gregory is a total douche.